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By Adwoa Owusua

The continent of Africa has suffered from colonial rule, slavery, and not to mention robbed and stripped of all its wealth and natural resources. Though these atrocities took place centuries ago, most countries in Africa have not yet recovered economically. Due to this, poverty is the out most reason as to why African citizens cannot afford basic life’s necessities. Therefore, food insecurity is significantly related to poverty and food production. Likewise, droughts, floods, and soil erosion are why many African countries cannot successfully harvest agricultural crops. Considering droughts and floods are environmental disasters which mankind cannot solve, how then can organizations help countries like Ghana, in West Africa? The answer lies in equipping communities with education, irrigation methods, and agricultural equipment to produce a successful harvest.

Though Ghana was the first African nation to gain its independence in 1957 from colonial rule, the country is still very reliant on international aid and support to combat hunger. The northern most region of Ghana is subjective to drought, deforestation, overgrazing, and soil erosion. Hence food insecurity in the north and other Ghanaian regions correlates to minimal agricultural production.

Self Help Africa (SHA) is a non profit organization which was created from the fusion of two independent charities: Harvest Help and Self Help Development International. SHA is present in many African countries; but has been working in northern Ghana as of 2005. The charity’s aim is to facilitate men/women to ‘achieve sustainable livelihoods’. This is accomplished by providing local communities with “group development, community training, and other resources” (SHA, 2010). SHA’s 2009 annual report states that they provided: agricultural advice & support, natural resource & livestock management, and community development to communities in the northern region of Ghana (SHA, 2010). This organization strives to build an Africa that is without starvation and poverty.

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